Carers Trust Auto Enrolment Pension Scheme

Carers Enterprises through its partnership with Watson Laurie has been really fortunate to source a major player in the pension auto enrolment (AE) market that is available for all Networks Partners to access. The pension provider is Legal & General (L&G) one of the largest investors in the UK stock market and the largest UK pension investor, they manage in excess of £476 billion (Dec 2012). They have already auto enrolled 2.5x more people than NEST and 4x more than Peoples Pension to date, with more than 250,000 people auto enrolled with L&G.

They have robust and efficient systems backed up by significant resources to maintain these and they are committed to providing all Carers Trust NPs regardless of size an AE pension scheme. They are offering a top quality, fully featured pension with full employer support at a lower cost than NEST and Peoples pension.

The charges are 0.48% for members (employees) and a one off set up cost per NP of £2,450 plus £30 per employee (inclusive of VAT as required).

This is a real achievement, when Watson Laurie Financial Services went out to market with a large Crossroads Care scheme, no pension provider would provide terms, so there would be no other option for this scheme but to use the default of NEST or Peoples pension, who do not provide the support and the full admin functions that L&G provide.

The exclusive terms with Legal & General for NPs can only be accessed through CEL and Watson Laurie.

Please click here to download further information

or contact Nigel Bracken by email tel: 01204 387111


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